Gift Cards

PAUL MARIUS offers you the possibility to give or receive gift cards!

If you are short on time, lack inspiration, are afraid of making a mistake or simply want to give pleasure, gift cards are ideal.

Choose the value you wish to offer and watch your mailbox, the gift card will arrive in its beautiful box.


The little extra...


Each gift card has a blank space that allows you to personalize your gift with a handwritten message.

Conditions of validity of the PAUL MARIUS gift card


The gift card will be sent to you by mail for a delivery fee of 2€50, if its amount or the amount of your order is less than 40€.

The gift card is a voucher that can be used on the PAUL MARIUS website and in official stores, which allows its holder to pay for his purchases, in one or more instalments, by completing if necessary with another means of payment.

Please, note that PAUL MARIUS gift cards cannot be combined.

It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and is non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

The payment with the gift card can be made up to the amount of the card, until the balance is exhausted or the validity period expires. Under no circumstances can gift cards, even when partially used, be exchanged for cash.

When using the gift card on the Internet, the cardholder will not be able to determine the amount of credit used. In the event that the total amount of the purchases is greater than or equal to the credit on the card, the credit will be used in full and the cardholder can pay for any remaining amount with another method of payment. In the event that the total amount of purchases is less than the card's credit, the entire purchase must be paid with the Gift Card, which will still be credited with the difference between the amount of the purchase and the original credit on the card at the end of the transaction.

Gift Cards are sold to individuals only.
The amounts offered are: twenty (20) - thirty (30) - fifty (50) - seventy (70) - one hundred (100) and one hundred and fifty (150) euros; the amounts being expressed inclusive of all taxes.

In case of difficulty in using the Card (especially if it does not work), contact our Customer Service.

To access the full terms and conditions of sale for gift cards, click here.

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