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In this section, we outline where your browsing data comes from and how we use it when you access the  website, directly or via our advertising content. Information about your rights is also contained in this section. You want to have a positive experience when shopping with us and to be able to place trust in our offers and services. In turn, we want to explain how we use the browsing data we collect, clearly and in detail. This is what makes our Cookies policy so important. Your browsing data is typically only used with your prior consent, unless the data is strictly necessary to deliver a service you have requested. A cookie is a sequence of data that is sent to your browser when you visit a website. The cookie will be stored on your browser for up to 13 months, and your browser will send the cookie to the web server each time you make a return visit. We may use cookies for a number of purposes, including, but not limited to, memorising your account username on our website, memorising the contents of your basket and tracking your browsing activity for statistical or marketing purposes. Our website carries cookies, but we may also purchase advertising space directly or through our service partners (e.g. advertising agencies) in order to promote our offerings on third-party websites/applications in the form of advertising content (e.g. text, images, clips, videos, etc.) carried on these websites/applications.



When visiting our website and/or third-party websites that carry our advertising content, details of your device's browsing activity (e.g. on a computer, tablet or smartphone) may be recorded. Only the sender of a cookie can view or modify information contained on a cookie. You can change your Cookies preferences, or withdraw your consent to the use of Cookies, at any time.

Why are cookies used on this website?

Depending on your Cookies preferences, this section sets out why cookies are sent when you visit our site.

By sending Cookies, we are able to: generate visitor statistics and data regarding the use of elements of our website (e.g. pages and content viewed, browsing history), which we can use to make our services more appealing and user-friendly; adapt the layout of our website to your browser's display settings (e.g. language, display resolution, operating system, etc.) when you visit our website, depending on the hardware and software that your device uses to play and view content; memorise information contained on a form that you completed on our website (e.g. to register or sign in to your account) or products, services or information that you selected on our website (e.g. service subscriptions, basket contents, etc.); allow you to access reserved and private areas of our website such as your customer account, using credentials or data that you may have previously shared with us; apply security measures, for example where you are asked to sign in again to access content or a service after a certain amount of time has lapsed.


Your cookies preferences.

  1. Consent to cookies The user of a device has the final say over whether a cookie can be saved on a device, and can record or modify these preferences at any time free of charge by changing their browser settings. If you have agreed to the installation of cookies on your device in your browser settings, the cookies embedded on pages and content that you view may be stored temporarily in a dedicated area on your device. These are only visible to the sender.
  2. Refusing cookies If you do not agree to the installation of cookies on your device, or if you delete cookies already installed, you may lose access to a certain number of functionalities that are required to access some areas of our Website. This may happen if you try to access content or services that require you to sign in to your account. This may also happen if we – or our service partners – cannot recognise, when establishing technical compatibility, the type of browser used on your device, its language or display settings, or the country in which your browser is connected to the internet. Where applicable, we accept no responsibility for the consequences of impaired service functionality because we were unable to record or view the refused or deleted cookies required to operate those services.
  3. How to record your preferences, depending on the browser you use. To manage cookies, you have a number of options. Your chosen configuration could affect your internet browsing experience and your access conditions for services requiring the use of Cookies.


You may set and change your preferences in relation to cookies at any time by following the steps below.

Options provided by your web browser.

You may configure your web browser to install or, alternatively, reject cookies on your device, either systematically or depending on their source. You may also configure your web browser to prompt you to accept or reject cookies before a cookie can be installed on your device.

To manage cookies and your preferences, the configuration process is different for each browser. The process is described in your browser's help menu, which will give information on how to adjust your preferences in relation to cookies. Note that this will not prevent advertising from appearing on your browser. It will only block technologies used for targeted advertising based on your browsing history and interests.

Why are cookies used in advertising carried by third parties?

When you visit a website/application containing advertising spaces that carry one of our advertisements, the advertisement may contain a cookie that may, depending on your preferences, be recorded on your device and used by us to recognise the browser on your device for as long as the cookie in question is active.

If your device is enabled, Cookies allow us to: measure how many of our advertisements on third-party websites/applications are displayed and activated; measure the number of users who click on each item of content; calculate how much is owed to different service providers along the advertising distribution chain (e.g. marketing agencies, advertising agencies, broadcast media/websites) and generate statistics; adapt the presentation of the [website/application] used to carry our advertising content, depending on your device's display settings (e.g. language, display resolution, operating system, etc.) when visiting our Website and depending on the hardware and software that your device uses to play and view content, and depending on location data (i.e. latitude and longitude) that your device shares with us (or our service partners) with your prior consent.

Why do we display advertising based on your browsing history?

We aim to show advertising that is most relevant to you. With this in mind, cookies allow us to decide what advertisements to show on your device in real time, based on your recent browsing history on one or more websites or applications.

Your interest in advertising content displayed on your device when you visit a website is often a factor in that website's level of advertising resources, which allow a website to offer services that are often made available to users free of charge. Visitors will tend to prefer advertising that is relevant to their own interests, instead of advertisements that have no relevance to them. Equally, advertisers who want to broadcast their advertisements are interested in ensuring their offerings are made visible to the users most likely to be interested in them.

Personal data and browsing data

We may adapt offerings and advertisements that appear on our website, or third-party websites or services to which cookies are sent, to the browsing data on your device.

Where you share your personal data (e.g. email addresses) with us when registering for or signing into our service, we may, depending on your preferences, pair the browsing data on your device that is recorded on cookies that we send, with your personal data in order to send you communications such as email offers, or to display personalised advertisements that might interest you on advertising space containing cookies that we send.

You may ask to opt out of personalised advertisements or email campaigns based on your browsing activity at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link included in all our marketing email communications. Where applicable, the advertisements that you continue to receive will no longer be tailored to your browsing history, unless you request otherwise.

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